Weer via VoodooExtreme (nee, ik kick niet op links) kwam ik erachter dat Frag Mag een interview (echt niet) heeft gehouden met de real life John Mullins. Zie ook deze posting.I caught up with John as he was on his way to overthrow another 3rd world dictator (it being a Tuesday), and got the chance to shout a few questions at him over the roar of the rotor-blades. (...)Horus: Soldier of Fortune is a very visceral game. Is combat really that messy? JM: Far more than you could ever imagine. At least we don't have smell-o-vision just yet. And, while the game is graphic enough (though not overly so, in my opinion) it cannot compare to the actual sight of wounded men and dead bodies. It is a life-changing experience. Horus: The game also contains a great variety of scenarios and mission goals. Do any of these come close to your own past experiences? JM: I never had to fight quite that many adversaries, at least not by myself. Don't think I'd be here answering these questions if I had.Het moet dus nog wat bloederiger