Een dag na de presentatie die Carmack in Tokyo had op de MacWorld Expo komt hij met een volledige update in zijn .plan. Hierin vertelt hij vooral over de features van de GeForce3 en de performance die deze vroege test hierop haalt.

Daarnaast krijgen we nogmaals te horen dat het hier om een erg vroege test gaat en we nog erg ver zijn van een product op de planken.

Voor zijn complete .plan surf je dus naar Bluesnews.Here is a dump on the GeForce 3 that I have been seriously working with for a few weeks now:

The short answer is that the GeForce 3 is fantastic. I haven't had such an impression of raising the performance bar since the Voodoo 2 came out, and there are a ton of new features for programmers to play with.

Graphics programmers should run out and get one at the earliest possible time. For consumers, it will be a tougher call. There aren't any applications our right now that take proper advantage of it, but you should still be quite a bit faster at everything than GF2, especially with anti-aliasing. Balance that against whatever the price turns out to be.

While the Radeon is a good effort in many ways, it has enough shortfalls that I still generally call the GeForce 2 ultra the best card you can buy right now, so Nvidia is basically dethroning their own product.

It is somewhat unfortunate that it is labeled GeForce 3, because GeForce 2 was just a speed bump of GeForce, while GF3 is a major architectural change. I wish they had called the GF2 something else.In tegenstelling tot wat ik had verwacht hoeven we de komende tijd geen nieuwe artwork of screenshots te verwachten.