Eurogamer vond het nodig om een artikel te schrijven over John Carmack (die jullie allemaal kennen...). Deel 2 is nu online gegooid en hier is het artikel te vinden.Something else John touched on was the way that game design is becoming more and more time consuming and complex as technology advances. To take advantage of faster CPUs and graphics cards, designers must generally add more detail to their levels, models and textures, which usually means spending more time. One extreme example is the idea of "painting" an entire level with unique textures rather than using a few small repeating textures, which John described as "crappy texture compression". Artists would also be able to go in and edit the lightmaps by hand, as they can on computer animated movies. Again, this takes a lot of time, effort, and storage space, and graphics cards would need to have much better texture management to make it possible, as well as pushing texture compression to its limits.