De online game en harware shop Lik-Sang meldt dat Sony voor de Japanse PSP een update heeft uitgebracht. Een update die gamers onder andere in staat stelt de PSP in het Nederlands in te stellen. De update is via Network Update, MemoryStick en UMD disc op de PSP te zetten, waarbij de UMD disk optie waarschijnlijk alleen bedoeld is voor de Japanners. Verdere features staan hieronder vermeld.The update adds the following major features:

• Support for German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Russian languages

• Support to retain screen mode settings (For video stored on Memory Stick)

• Support to allow resume play after recovery from sleep mode (For video stored on Memory Stick)

• Support to allow resume play of audio tracks after recovery from sleep mode.

Please note that the update will not run if you have less than 50% remaining battery life and it is recommended to connect a power supply while running the update. All together it takes just a couple of minutes.

IMPORTANT: Follow the on screen instructions and do NOT disconnect the power or turn the PSP off. This will destroy (!! ) your PSP and Sony did not announce any way to recover a broken system yet. Normally you'd have to bring back your unit to their service center in Japan. Import Gamers be aware, update on your own risk!

Mensen die de PSP uit Japan hebben geïmporteerd kunnen de update hier downloaden.