Gamesmania heeft alle details over de James Bond game 'the world is not enough' verzameld. Het spel dat gebruikt maakt van de Q3 engine zal voor alle platformen uitgebracht worden, dus ook voor de pc.Building on the storyline of the movie, players will assume the role of James Bond who must take it upon himself to confront the film's treacherous villains, as well as new adversaries created exclusively for the game. Bond will also encounter many recognizable allies who play an important part in achieving mission objectives, similar to that of the film. The game will feature an array of enormous arenas and levels, many of which are based on The World Is Not Enough's scenes and locales. Each arena and level will contain a generous offering of challenging missions and objectives. In addition, there will be real-time 3-D cinematics and action-packed movie footage throughout the game to help create seamless and exciting gameplay. All of the action seen by the player will be through a first-person point of view, which helps accent the game's rich, highly detailed environments. Only through a series of successful mission accomplishments, which require the clever utilization of unique weapons and gadgets along with Bond-style wit, will the player be able to defeat the enemies... and get the girl.