De populaire mod Jailbreak is nu ook voor UT te downloaden volgens een artikel op de JailBreak forumsJailbreak is a deathmatch mod for Quake 2 in the tradition of CTF.

Basically, there are two teams.Each team has a base with a Jail in it. When you kill someone on the otherteam (or they kill themselves they go to your Jail. When your Jail is full (ie, the entire team is captured) they all get Executed in a shower of gibsand your team earns massive quantities of frags.

However, on each base is abutton to free the people in Jail, so the other team will be trying to freetheir people. And of course, if you get killed you go to the opposing Jail.

So, basically the game is a slaughterfest with each team trying to balance between defending their jail, killing the other team, and freeing their own team. Downloaden kan hier

Je kan hem ook offline spelen,dat is goed nieuws voor mensen die een slechte internetprovider hebben (like me )