Het zijn zware tijden voor Jagged Alliance 2-fans, want het wachten op de missiondisk heeft even geduurd. Unfinished Business komt ook snel naar Nederland toe en zal waarschijnlijk over niet al te lange tijd ook hier in de schappen liggen.

IGN maakte er in ieder geval al een mooie review van, zodat de fans nog wat meer leesvoer hebben. The squad-based tactical strategy genre isn't nearly as big as it should be. It seems that gamers have to wait too long between games like X-COM, Shadow Watch and the upcoming Freedom Ridge. This November Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business will allows gamers to get their squad strategy fix.

The new game, while continuing the story begun in Jagged Alliance 2, is a totally stand-alone product. You don't need the original game to play this newest version. For those of you who aren't familiar with the country of Arulco, let's just say that it's your typical, over exploited, oppressed, powder keg that's home, sweet home for you and your brood of guns for hire. Ricci Mining and Exploration, who were denied their monopoly on the country's mines in the latest civil war, have taken up residence in nearby Tracona. From this new base, they've begun launching attacks into Arulco. Now you've been called in to locate the Ricci base in Tracona and destroy it. In addition to the regular crew of opportunists from the first game, ten new characters and weapons have been added. Heb je toch nog wat aan al die vrije dagen die je doorheen het jaar hebt overgehouden.