Nog even en dan is het zover, na lang wachten komt dan de addon voor JA2 uit. Het voordeel van deze addon is dat men niet JA2 hoeft te bezitten om hem te spelen.t was also apparent in the preview build that the

artificial intelligence for the enemies has been

improved. The mercs will not only face more enemies

per area, but those enemies will be better equipped,

trained and organized than in previous encounters.

Expect a challenge from each area entered; the

invasion of Tracona will be no cakewalk.

In making the sequel to JA2, Sir-Tech has listened

carefully to its fan base, and has implemented the

changes to the combat system most widely requested. It remains to be seen if the invasion-focused expansion will lose some of the charm of the free-flowing original, or if the change of focus is exactly what is needed to make Unfinished Business a game in its own right, and not simply a few new territories slapped onto JA2.

"the anticipated sequel will hit stores next month."

Snel reserveren want addons zijn zo weg en nooit meer te krijgen...