John Carmack heeft al eens op het forum van /. zijn mening ge-uit over de nieuwe console van Microsoft, de XBox. IGN vond het nodig om daar op door te vragen bij Carmack zelf, in een interview. Op /. was Carmack erg positief over de producten van MS, maar nu kraakt ie consoles min of meer af. PC's zijn bij de release van de XBox al veel geavanceerder en de PC community spreekt hem meer aan, door de makkelijker communicatiemiddelen.IGN Xbox: If the Xbox provides the PC comforts of development, but the mass-market outreach of a console, what's to keep PC developers from jumping ship and making console-only games? JC: I could imagine it happening, but it will always be so trivial to make a PC "port" of an Xbox game that I wouldn't expect the PC titles to dry up at all. Microsoft is probably doing some arm-twisting to try to force exclusivity, but it probably won't hold for too long. IGN Xbox: What's your opinion on adding a hard drive and broadband to a console system? Do you think it's a good step? JC: Broadband is probably a good thing, but I would lean somewhat against the hard drive. Games would be more impressive if the money was spent on more RAM, and it is going to be so tempting for Xbox to get more and more PC like, throwing away the configuration-free benefits of a console. (...)IGN Xbox: I have to ask -- can we expect Quake or Doom-ness on the Xbox? JC: If MS provides an OpenGL, we would probably consider doing a simultaneous development as we will with mac and linux. If not, we will probably still port after we are finished, assuming all the Xbox plans actually come to fruition.Voor de rest van het interview moet je vooral niet vergeten hier te klikken.