En nog een interviewtje met J. Allard, van het Xbox development team. De meeste standaard vragen worden gesteld, zoals hoe ze van het 'crash' image af willen komen, waarom de Xbox niet als PC moet worden gezien en dat het heel goed gaat met het project

Opmerkelijke dingen waren het feit dat ze geen keyboard etc willen releasen, om extra tegen het 'PC image' te gaan. Nog iets waar men bang voor was dat developers expres incomplete games wilden gaan releasen vanwege de harddrive. Microsoft is erg anti-patch, en heeft tevens een hele uitgebreide test zodat er alleen echte kwaliteits games gaan door komen. Een Daikatana remake op de Xbox zit er dus niet in X-dome: Will the Xbox be backed up by a strong software line-up at the launch ? How many games will be available ? J. Allard : it has to be. we're just entering the category and playstation 2 will have second-generation content on the shelves. We'd be foolish to ship crappy games. Launch titles are always challenging - the developers always wish they had more time with the hardware, that's reality, but we're not going to ship without great titles. My priority is quality over quantity or genre balance. X-dome: People are thinking of the Xbox as a cheap PC much more then a quality console. Can you explain us why it isn't one , and what will make it a console like the PS2 and Dreamcast ? J. Allard : i guess people ask this because we're microsoft and we're working with intel and nvidia, but the product is a focused game console. it doesn't have pcmcia, usb, 1394, scsi, keyboard, mouse, expandable memory, .... none of that crap. On the inside, it's a system designed completely for building games. On the outside there are 4 controller ports and a power switch. there's no control panel, start button, balance-your-checkbook, browse-the-web, write-your-school-paper, install-software-here features. It only runs games. There's no install, there's no boot. There's turn it on and play games. J. Allard interview