hier een interview met Daran Monahan van Black Isle, hij is assiciate producer ven Icewind Dale zie hier:DR: Have you made any changes to Bioware's engine? DM: Overall, the engine remains the same, but we've made a lot of tweaks to how things work, while trying to provide players a few more options for things we felt would be nice additions. We've added OpenGL hardware support to allow you to play the game in 3D mode, and this gets you a new, translucent "fog of war," as well as improved speed with translucent spells. We've also added minor tweaks like support for the Wheel mouse, adding "glow" code in 2D, which makes spell effects look really great, and a bunch of new game play options that should help make the game experience that much better. Examples of this include auto-pausing the game when a trap is detected, displaying hit point counts on the character portraits, allowing you to get the maximum amount of hit points when leveling and a lot more.lees hier meer.