Dr. Pepper schrijft: "Op Avault staat een preview van het adventure game It cam for Zog van Topware. Volgens de planning wordt het rond het tweede kwartaal van 2001 uitgeven. ": It is great to have a tongue-in-cheek adventure to look forward to again. The developers are about 40% into the production, with loads of animation and scripting yet to be done. The expectation is that It Came For Zog will be available in both the European and the U.S markets in the second quarter of 2001. Although no pre-release version was available for me to preview, I got the distinct sense that this title will be a refreshing break from the ponderous games that abound with no lightheartedness at all. With colorful graphics, imaginative sound, and a design that facilitates physical humor, It Came For Zog could truly re-awaken the dormant desire among gamers for silly fun with enticing characters in an otherworldly setting Bekijk hier de preview. Dit spel lijkt volgens avault op Day of the Tentacle! Ik kan _niet_ wachten.. UPDATE: op verzoek ook nog een mooi shot van ons oermens: