GA-Souce heeft wat screenshots van Invictus, het opkomende RTS/Adventure van Interplay Voor degene die er nog nooit van hebben gehoord (zoals ik ) hier een klein stukje:Caught in a bitter feud between spiteful gods, Invictus demands players fight for more than just their life. They must enlist the mightiest heroes in their epic struggle to attain an eternal seat atop Olympus. Eliminating the need to gather resources or manage research trees, Invictus focuses the player upon carefully shaping their war party, balancing their strengths and weaknesses, because these warriors will be carried over from mission to mission. The player will choose from over 30 distinct units, each with a unique ability, like Gorgons turning flesh to stone and Harpy's poisonous claws. The player recruits new units from those they have encountered in their journeys. Ten legendary heroes are at the player's beck and call - four can be sent into battle at any given time. Each of these legendary heroes, such as Hercules and Achilles, are super-human warriors who beseech the gods for special powers. Bekijk de rest hier