Het bekende Verant (Everquest) is weer een persoon minder rijk. Brian Hook, die eerder ook voor 3dfx en ID werkte is opgestapt en bedenkt zich momenteel over zn toekomst in de gamesindustrie. Maar waar het hier natuurlijk over gaat is de manier waarop Verant momenteel werkt volgens bovengenoemde persoon.

Uit het onderstaande stuk valt duidelijk een stuk frustratie te lezen die Brian niet letterlijk wil vernoemen.VoodooExtreme: What, specifically, changed?

Brian Hook: The corporate culture changed, but that's neither a good thing nor a bad thing. It just changed. New departments were created, policies changed, personnel were shuffled, new business cards were issued, etc. That's not inherently bad, but like I said, I'm a “small company” kind of person so when things got a bit too big I became gradually more uncomfortable to the point that I really felt suffocated.

So maybe for me, specifically, it became a less desirable place to work, but that's because I'm naturally suited to smaller operations -- I'm a risk taker, and I tend to work long hours. I like to be decisive and move quickly, and in a larger environment making significant changes to a product or a team can often take weeks or months to get approval. But for a lot of people, Verant is the perfect place to work sane hours, good benefits, lots of vacation, and the stability you expect from working for a large, established megacorporation. Misschien dat we dit soort leuke verhaaltjes op een nieuwe url kunnen starten. prive.gamers.nl