Echte comic fans weten wie dit is. Een legendarische artist die onder andere de 'Spawn' het licht heeft gegeven. Gamespy had een interview met deze man, die onder andere gaat over het ontwerpen van actie figuren gebaseerd op games, alsmede over het ontwerpen van sommige characters in Lord Blackthorne's Revenge. Dit is het komende expansion pack van Ultima Online.GameSpy: The mechanical look of your characters are quite a contrast from the game's setting. How did you come up with these characters and do you think they are going to feel right in the UO world?

Todd McFarlane: As a toy maker I look for two things: what would be interesting to the people that would normally be interested in the subject matter (UO), and then the other part is to try and design stuff that will make people that have never heard of Ultima Online say, "God that's pretty cool looking!" You want to be able to get the casual buyer too, you don't want to limit yourself to just the person that is a fan of the thing, especially with fantasy. You know, Clive Barker came out with this Tortured Soul line and we just tried to make the coolest looking stuff as possible. You don't have to be a Clive Barker fan to like the toys that Clive and I created.

Comic fans moeten dit zeker even doorlezen, en het is ook handig als je wat wilt weten over de expansion pack van Ultima Online. Lees het interview hier.