VoodooExtreme had een interview met Tim Sweeney, het ging natuurlijk over de pas gereleasde tech-demo van de nieuwe 'UT engine' op de ECTS en de tech-movie voor het publiek. Natuurlijk kan je weer smakelijk gaan lachen om de humor van Tim (that guy is really funny )Voodoo Extreme -- How do you feel the new Unreal Technology movie and screen shots were recieved by the gaming public?

Tim Sweeney -- People seem to dig it, but what we're showing now is just the tip of the iceberg of what will be possible with the next generation Unreal Engine. The really exciting stuff will come in about six months when the DirectX8/X-Box hardware starts to make its way into developers' hands, and we've really had a chance to focus on the next-generation feature set, and taking advantage of it in our next game. Things are going to start getting very exciting soon.

Voodoo Extreme -- In your opinion how does the new Unreal Technology stack up against other 3-D game engines like say LithTech or Quake III?

Tim Sweeney -- Thanks for giving me the chance to engage in shameless self-promotion, but I should probably just let each of the engines stand by their respective track records of powering good and commercially-successful games.

De rest van het interview kan je hier vinden, ook zijn er redelijk veel screenshots van Epic's Next-Big-Thing te zien.