Bij GameSpy hebben ze een interview met Kari Wuhrer gehad, die in Red Alert 2 Tanya speelt. De vragen zijn erg diepzinnig en psychologisch informatief, maar vooral leuk. GameSpy: So, been on any good covert missions or bombed anything good lately?

Tanya: Well, since saving the planet from the Soviets its been fairly quiet. Those guys just don't when to quit! President Dugan has been trying to give me a bit of time off but this girl needs action! They've got me taking care of a few top-secret items. Don't worry though--nothing to be too concerned about.

GameSpy: Has anyone mentioned you look a lot like that woman on Sliders?

Tanya: Yea, I've heard that. I'll bet she never destroyed an entire Russkie base by herself though.

GameSpy: Will you say more than three phrases in the next Westwood game?

Tanya: Yup, just take a listen. I've got more then enough sound bites for the Russkies this time around. They used to like to keep me quiet--covert ops and all that. Nowadays I think President Dugan is a bit more liberal with me.

GameSpy: How do you keep your hair so perfect while being interrogated by a creepy Russian guy or climbing rocks?

Tanya: Whew! I was wondering when someone would ask me that! Listen buddy, I've just saved the world. Don't you have anything a little more important for me? I'd bet you'd like to know what happened to Yuri! Or what the latest tech is we're developing. What else have you got?

GameSpy: What do you look for in a man? Are there any plans for a little Tanya in the future?

Tanya: I'm looking for a quiet, sensitive and intelligent guy. I get to meet so many tough as nails soldiers that they get pretty old. I like the shy, silent type. Know of anyone? As for a little bambino guess we'll just have to wait and see. I have the feeling you haven't seen the last of me. Dus ben je rustig, gevoelig en intelligent, neem dan contact op met GameSpy en laat Tanya (box nr. #6031) weten dat je er bent