Gerben van Bokhorst schrijft: "Ik heb een interview gehouden met Rod Fung, de hoogste man van Sierra Studios over SWAT3 en de opvolgers over het missie pack Battle Plan wat in Augustus uitkomt. Veel info over de multiplayer, nieuwe wapens en missies en bijna "geheime" informatie over de editors!": What are all mod tools that will be available to us? We've never heard about a tool for editing models for example. Could you also give some information on what we can do with the various editors?

With the various editors that we will provide, you will be able to change pretty much everything and anything you'd like in a mission. We have drop in mod support so once you create a level, new gun, etc., all you do is turn it on in our MOD utility and it automatically installs it in your game. In addition to the level editor, we will provide a scenario editor which has tremendous versatility in changing or creating new types of games.

Something quite a few people are worrying about that multi-player will be a big 'fragfest' where people will just be shooting and will not attempt to surrender or arrest. What will you do to prevent that? That's really difficult to control as it's kind of out of our hands once you join a multiplayer game. I'm sure that there are hosts that will set ground rules for gameplay (and we will provide support for that as well via the host interface). I'm sure that there will be plenty of people playing the game as it was designed to be played.Ja ja, Gerben houd zich aan zijn woord en het interview is dus online gekomen. Het is hier te vinden.