Hieronder vind je een stukkie uit een interview van Gamespot AU en 2 developers van Q3.. Ze hebben het alleen over allemaal dingen die ik nog niet kan spelen. TW: One thing I like to do is have me and Grunt, vs three people. And I'd put Grunt on defence, then I'd go out and attack. Especially on the fourth CTF map, the space one.

ED: Oh, cool.

TW: For teamplay too, it's you and a Bot, or you and another human versus like four bots, it's really fun.

ED: I've found that the Bot players seem to get bored of a task, like you give them an order, and they do it for a while, then say I'm sick of this, and they change their mind. I think that's excellent. It's really organic.

PS: Wow, that's cool.

TW: You can put "Forever" in there. You can put like "Grunt defend Quad forever", and he'll sit there forever. I type all my commands to the bots now. I don't use the menu. 'Cause there's only about four commands you can give them through the menu, but you can type, like an infinite amount of stuff…