Surfend op het internet kwam ik het volgende interview tegen met PiranhaBytes, makers van de 3D-RPG: Gothic. De screenshots liegen er in ieder geval niet om How did you get the notion developing a german 3D-RPG? Weren't american games like Ultima: Ascension a bit intimidating?

A: Intimidating - No. There are always people draming about something that isn't there yet. Sure, there are RPGs and even 3D-RPGs, but you don't always have to be ontent with games from the US. This was the source of the dream about something new. And that's what we are creating right now.

What is it what other games are lacking, compared to Gothic?

Gothic works with an AI, meaning it exists and works even without the player doing anything. There's no NPC in the game who just waits for the player and dies when he isn't "needed" anymore. It's a rounded world you can interact with, where NPCs get angry if you kill their friends, where NPCs think about the fact that the player might be stronger than they are or who just worship the player for his earlier deeds. Just like real life.

Het interview vind je hier.