De mensen bij Pcgcentral hebben Kevin Cloud van id Software even aan de tand gevoeld. Deze man werkt al sinds 1992 bij id, en heeft meegewerkt aan alle titels die daarna zijn uitgekomen. Ze praten over titels als Return To Castle Wolfenstein, Doom 3 en Quake 4.What is the likely hood of an expansion being made for Wolfenstein? As long as the game is a success (looks like it already is) will one be made?

Kevin: I would love to see sequels and expansion missions for both the multiplayer and single player games and we'll be discussing those opportunities with Activision over the next few months. Prior to designing RTCW, Drew Markham from Gray Matter did a ton of research on the Nazi occult and secret experiments. We have a great framework now to build upon. Plus, RTCW is one of the best looking and best playing first person games ever released. If we handle the sequels correctly by continuing to place the highest priority on the game, I'm confident Wolf will become a classic series. I'd love to see the same teams back on a sequel to RTCW, but both Gray Matter and Nerve are moving on to their next projects. So a big hurdle will be searching for new developers. However, that's all part of the discussions we'll be having with Activision over the next weeks and months.

De interviewer doet zijn best om informatie los te peuteren over Doom 3 maar daar wordt weinig over gezegd. Kevin Cloud mág er namelijk niks over zeggen. Duidelijk wordt wel dat we nog even moeten wachten op Doom 3 en ook op Quake 4, mede doordat Raven deze laatste titel ontwikkelt. Raven is echter meer bezig met hun Star Wars en Soldier of Fortune serie's op het moment. Lees hier het hele interview.