GameSpy heeft een interview gehad met John Mullins, de man die Raven Software heeft geadviseerd over Soldier Of Fortune. Het interview gaat niet over het spel, maar meer over geweld in spellen en zijn ervaringen met echt geweld.When RavenSoft was working on their first-person shooter "Soldier of Fortune," they wasted no time in calling for the creative input and insights of decorated combat veteran John F. Mullins. Mullins served with distinction in Vietnam and retired from the military in 1981 after 21 years of service, most of which were spent within the special forces. In the past Mullins has offered his services to both government and civilian customers, spending time in the Middle East, Central and South America, Europe, Africa, Afghanistan, and various countries in the Far East. His resume is varied, having performed missions dealing with VIP protection, asset recovery, hostage negotiation and rescue, advising, and occasionally leading foreign police and military personnel in high-risk operations. While at Raven, Mullins assisted the "Soldier of Fortune" team with making the game a lot more authentic. He gave input on the game's weapons, the environments and what it's like to be under fire. Lees het hier.