Stomped had een interview met John Romero over hoe het nu is ,nu Daikatana uit is en over Doom 3. Daikatana has now been released obviosuly. Are you proud with how it turned out? JR: Definitely. I play the game every day and love the Multiplayer, but the single-player is where DK really shines. Daikatana has received its fair share of praise and abuse, some justified, some quite unfair. What reaction is Ion Storm taking to the media? JR: We're ignoring the media now, but taking some of the criticisms we can actually fix and we're putting those fixes in the patch. News has now broken from Carmack that id will be making a new Doom game. What do you think id have to concentrate on to make 'Doom3' succeed? JR: Keep it scary. Do you feel that Tom Hall and yourself should be giving some input? JR: Everyone wants to give id their ideas for DOOM3.... and I'm no exception. Of course, Tom and I had a major impact on the design of DOOM3, but it's still an id property, not ours anymore. And finally, whats your favourite 'Easter Egg' in Daikatana? JR: My face all stretched out on a wall with a well of milk in front of it... Wil je het hele interview lezen kijk dan hier.