Op GA-Sim is een interview met de maker van Starshatter, een science fiction simulatie game, te vinden. Erg interessant om te lezen wat John DiCammillo vindt van zijn eigen concept en game. 1. First off, a question for those who might not be aware of what we're discussing. What, in your words, exactly is Starshatter?

Starshatter is a military space combat simulation set in the distant future. Unlike most space sims, Starshatter allows you to directly command a wide variety of ships, from agile atmospheric and space-based fighters to giant cruisers and fleet carriers. Starshatter will take you through the complete space combat experience – from planet surface to interstellar space – with several dynamic campaigns set in a persistent simulated universe.

Starshatter is a game that I am developing in my spare time, working by myself, and almost totally from scratch. I do all the programming, game design, artwork, documentation, web site, etc. I'm on such a shoestring budget that I even wrote a 3D modeling program from scratch to build the ship models. As a result, I've been working on the game for almost four years now.

Het volledige interview is hier te vinden.