Terwijl ik nog maar nauwelijks kan geloven dat ik wakker ben en op dit moment mijn monitor lijkt te zweven zal ik toch proberen iets zinnigs te posten

Domain of Games had namelijk een interview met David Eddings van GOD. Het interview is redelijk saai, veel blah blah erin, maar ja, je moet toch wat in het nieuwe jaar...Nemesis: How does GoD feel about Mods

David: All for them. Basically the way this industy was made was because of the users out there. Releasing and making there own things, I think thats beautiful it extend the life of every game that you have. Look at Rune right now, its got a nice community and people are going to make new things out of it.

Nemesis: So do you like mostly adventure games like Rune?

David: I am a HUGE FPS player, my wife was a Quake widow for years. It was a sad thing. Then there was a time I only played for 2 hours a day instead of like 8. It was like another job almost. Now my wife is a Rune widow.

On the 9th day, GOD created the illuminated dole...Ebony Style

Lees het complete interview naar hier.