Komkommertijd kan de raarste berichten en artikelen opleveren, maar wat de Avault in elkaar heeft gezet is zo raar dat het leuk is. In een persiflage op de Jay Lenno / David Letterman show houdt men een interview met de Imp van Doom, de Scientist van Half-Life en de Fez-guy van No One Lives Forever. Erg grappig om te lezen, vooral het stukje met de Imp is goed gedaan Audience Member: (Shouting) Hey imp! Why don't you go back to E1M1, where you belong!

(The imp growls menacingly at the heckler and lets loose a slow moving, pixilated fireball, hitting the offender square in the head! The audience laughs.)

Audience Member: Ow.

(The imp sits in the comfy chair next to Josh's table.)

Josh: Imp, thanks for coming on the show.

Imp: (With a dignified British accent.) My pleasure.

Josh: So tell me, as an imp, what's it like playing second fiddle to space marines? Imp: Actually, Josh, most of the time it's pretty boring. Much of the job involves lots of waiting around on a dark level, hoping that one of those space marines will trigger a specific trap revealing me and several of my co-workers from Hell. That's when we get to release our lovely fireballs and use our razor sharp claws. Lots of fun, that. But sometimes we might be waiting for several hours; other times it might be weeks at a time "You don't want to buy my monkey?", en als je het nog niet wist, cheaten maakt meer kapot dan je lief is