Op Valveword hebben ze een interview gezet met Cliff,de maker van de meeste gespeeld Half-Life mod: CounterStrike

Hieronder een stukje:Portax: Will you guys ever stop calling a version of Counter-Strike a beta or are you guys going to go way past beta version 1000? cliffe: At some point, yes. Until which, it's a nice excuse for bugs. "It's beta!!!" Portax: So which do you prefer more: the Terrorists or the Counter-Terrorists? cliffe: A lot of people tell me the terrorist has a nice butt, but I'm not so convinced. Portax: What's your favorite weapon in the current version of CS? cliffe: The hidden, secret Cream Cannon, which can only be activated by typing "kill" in the console. I think RzE likes the glock, but I'm not sure. Portax: Have you ever been slapped with a trout in real life? cliffe: I should think not. Helaas geen nieuwe onthullingen over Beta 6,maar wel aardig om te lezen.