Gamers Central heeft een heel aardig interview gehouden met Chris Sawyer, van Rollercoaster Tycoon en Transport Tycoon. Hier een klein stukje uit het artikel:Gamers Central: RollerCoaster Tycoon is an even bigger success than Transport Tycoon and that in a time were many non-3D-accelerated games tend to have a very difficult time. What is, in your eyes, the reason for its success? Chris Sawyer: A combination of three things - First, the game is all about 'building' things, which is something which appeals to most people. Second, the detail and atmosphere created by the game draws the player into the game, and makes him/her want to 'nurture' their little park, keeping it running smoothly, and keeping 'their' little people happy. And third, the subject matter itself - Amusement parks and roller coasters are all about people having fun, and in the current climate of games full of killing and violence, here's one game where the objective is a good one, to build a successful park where everyone enjoys themselves! Lees het volledige interview hier.