Stomped had een interview met de CEO van id Software, Todd Hollenshead. Het interview gaat over de spellen van id, in het bijzonder Quake III en Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Over Quest, het online spel van id, dat niet meer ontwikkeld wordt (zie ook de posting van gisteren), wordt niet gesproken. Stomped: What do you think about id's upcoming Team Arena? When Quake 3 first came out, there were some people who were dissapointed that there were not more game modes. Was this a concerted effort to bring that kind of thing to Quake 3 Hollenshead: Well, with Quake 3 the emphasis on the game was to create the best deathmatch experience that you would have in a first person game from a multiplayer standpoint and I think we have accompished that objective. With Team Arena, we really had an opportunity to stand back and focus more on different variations and come up with some new creative team play-type games. We see that as something that's really popular for people who play online. Luckilly we have been able to really take our time on it and do it right. We've been playing it around the office and we've been testing it for a long time and it's been really in a solid state so we are just putting the final touches on it now. I'm really proud of what we have done. I think that everybody is going to be impressed when it comes out. Hopefully people have been impressed with what we have seen at the show, although we were doing some low-level coding work last week and broke some stuff and so it was a little bit unstable when we brought the first builds over, but that just the finalising process of games. Sometimes you have to take a step back to go two steps ahead.

Waren Doom 3 en Return to Castle Wolfenstein er maar vast !