Na 2 maanden van afwezigheid ben ik weet terug om wat te posten. En met wat? Een interview met Lokigames!

Bepaalde personen kunnen zich misschien nog herinneren dat ik een posting had gedaan voor vragen voor een interview met Lokigames. En vanochtend zag ik de antwoorden in mijn inbox staan De vragen zijn beantwoordt door niemand minder dan de oprichter en President van Loki games : Scott Dreaker! De antwoorden zijn in het Engels maar dit moet toch geen probleem zijn toch? Answered by Loki president and founder Scott Draeker. Q1: What system (Videocards, soundcards, CPU, memory, etc and Linux) does Loki reccommend for playing Loki software? And on what systems do you develop the software? We try to support as much hardware as possible with our games, so we don't play favorites. Our development systems are dual Pentium workstations which we build in house. We run mostly Creative Labs sound cards and Voodoo3 and Matrox G400 video cards. Developers are welcome to use their favorite distribution, but most wind up with Redhat. Q2: What are Loki's visions for Linux and games in the future? Our goal is nothing less than making Linux the premier PC gaming platform. Q3: Will Loki develop for other OS'es like BeOS and FreeBSD? We are an Open Source company, and the BeOS is not Open Source. We are working with the FreeBSD folks to make sure their Linux compatibility libraries support our games. Q4: What games can we expect in the near future? We just released Heavy Gear II. We are now working on Soldier of Fortune, SimCity 3000 Unlimited, and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri with expansion pack, and Descent 3. Q5: What games are in the running for development? We are in constant negotiations with several game publishers, but can't announce anything until contracts are signed. Q6: Will Loki develop their own games in stead of Window$ ports? We have no plans to do this. There are enough great PC games to keep us busy porting. Q7: You're using or will use the SDL library. Will this also support OpenGL/Mesa3D? Nearly all our titles use at least some of the functionality in SDL, and we're also working on further integrating OpenGL support into SDL. Q8: What tools and/or software do you use for development? We strongly prefer open source tools. Our primary tool chain consists of GCC and GDB. Q9: How many developers does Loki have? And what's the number of staff members in Loki (how many employees does Loki have)? We're constantly growing. We now have 10 developers and 8 other support staff. Q10: For which developers do you now currently develop Linux ports? See above. Q11: Which Linux distribution do the developers like most? See above. Q12: What do you (Loki that is) think of the "hype" about Linux nowadays? It's good and its bad. I try not to pay too much attention, and just keep plugging away on the projects we're working on. Q13: Have you been contacted for developing games for the upcoming Linux console? We're in discussions with Indrema. Nothing has been finalized, but we're certainly excited about the possibility of a dedicated Linux gaming console. Q14: Will upcoming loki software make special use of the 3D functionality which comes with Xfree 4.0? We're very excited about support the DRI in XFree 4.0. We'll probably begin to officially support it this fall once the kinks are worked out and more drivers become available. Q15: What games do you play most? Doesn't matter if it are games from Window$ :-) The one downside of working at Loki is that I don't seem to play many games anymore. When I do play, I enjoy Master of Orion II, Civ I (yes, the original) and Quake. Q16: What do you think of the freeware games like XShipWars and so on? And what freeware game do you think looks very promising? Freeware games are great. It's not as if there can be too many great games. I'm a big fan of FreeCiv.En guess what? Ik ben één van de gelukkige betatesters voor Simcity 3000, Soldier of Fortune en Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. En ik heb de autorisatie gekregen om previews te schrijven voor! So, keep your eyes posted op de previews secties!