Bij Voodoo Extreme zijn ze zwaar bezeten van Sacrifice en dat laten ze duidelijk merken in het aantal nieuwtjes rondom deze game. Ook nu had VE een interview met de hoofdprogrammeur Martin Brownlow.Voodoo Extreme -- How much involvement has Dave Perry had with Sacrifice's development process?

[Martin] Not too much. He's basically left us alone to make the game we wanted to make. That's not to say he hasn't has input - the name was his, long before Sacrificing was part of the game. The souls idea was his, although it has evolved a lot from his original "a creature needs a soul"idea - the whole heathen/pure soul thing came about through playtesting and brainstorming, and this is what really brought the game together, and put the sacrificing in Sacrifice.

Voodoo Extreme How does it feel to win a major award like best of show: pc game at ects?

[Martin] It feels great. I know we were up against some pretty stiff competition - Black and White and Giants to name but two (was Halo even at ECTS?). It just makes it even more frustrating when major magazines and websites ignore us - you know who you are. Look on the bright side though - the sites that do support us (that's you) really get treated well :)

Voodoo Extreme -- Messiah was one buggy mofo, what measures havebeen to taken to ensure Sacrifice to be a stable, bug free product?

[Martin] Constant playtesting. Nearly every member of the team plays for on average about 2 hours a day, single and multi-player. Interplay QA even helps a bit :) We also have a guy in-house whose job it is to go around bullying the video card manufacturers for new versions of their drivers to fix bugs/issues. An honorable mention must go out to Videologic (are they still even called that?) and STMicro for their excellent support and fast turnaround on their drivers. Keep up the good work, guys. In addition, I added a compatability screen that lists all the problems that Sacrifice can detect, and warn you about them. It can even fix some of them itself (although a "required blending mode not supported" error is pretty much unworkaroundable).

Als Dave zelf niet met Sacrifice bezig is, mogen we dus binnenkort weer een nieuwe aankondiging verwachten van Shiny?