Bij Psychonews hebben ze een interview over Kiss, hun nieuwe shoot-em-up. Het interessante is dat ze ervoor hebben gekozen zelf geen bots ervoor te programmeren, zoals Epic of Id Software.Q: What will separate this game from other shooter games like doom or quake besides having different characters and monsters? A: There are four different characters to choose from, your powers grow as you play (and you gave to use them to succeed), melee combat is an integral part of gameplay, there are four episodes each with its own play-style, theme and final boss. There is also interactive music, in-game cinematics (where you see more of the player characters) and an advanced HUD with functionality for gameplay clues and player states. Top that off with more monsters on the screen than any shooter before us. Those monsters are also a great deal better at hunting you down than anything in Doom or Quake. AND they haven't eaten in years.