Als je gek bent van hack and slash-games dan zal de titel 'Rune' van Human Head Studios je zeker niet ontgaan zijn. VoodooExtreme had een interview met de Lead Programmer Chris Rhinehart en hier wordt vooral zijn visie op zijn nieuwe game (Rune) besproken.Voodoo Extreme: Now that you are done with RUNE, are there things that you wish you could have added, gameplay specific, that you just didn't have time for, maybe things that you had to nuke as they could have added too much time to the development to make it feasible?

Chris Rhinehart: There are things that were in the original design that we cut, either because they turned out to not be fesible with our timeframe and what we wanted to do with Rune, or because the idea just didn't mesh with the direction the game was going. We keep the design somewhat loose here at Human Head, so there is room for altering and tweaking the game to keep it fun and interesting.

Voodoo Extreme: Along the same lines, are there are any other tweaks that you wish you could have added/done-to the Unreal Tournament engine?

Chris Rhinehart: I'm very happy with the tweaks we made to the UT engine. I think that we made the right decisions for most of our enhancements (specifically, going the direction we did with the character/skeletal system). If I had more time, I would have liked to add a more robust effect system beyond just the particle system that is in Rune right now.Lees voor meer info over de bits en bytes het complete interview op VoodooExtreme