Terminator schrijft: "Game-Revolution heeft een aantal vragen gesteld aan Harvard Bonin, Producer van Red Alert 2": Q: What makes Red Alert 2 stand out from the other RTS games out there? A: The biggest change is the style of gameplay. We've created a real-time strategy game that's fast-paced, in-your-face and visceral, as opposed to slow and methodical. When we started designing, we took a long, hard look at the real-time strategy form, and agreed that, more often than not, the genre usually involves a slow war of attrition -- sometimes you've pretty much lost the game in the first ten minutes, and the next two hours is spent playing it out. Well, we wanted to pick up the pace, and make the game a real roller coaster ride in which the tides can turn at any moment -- without sacrificing deep, strategic gameplay. We wanted to make it a real blast right out of the box. When it comes down to it, often the units in real-time strategy games are balanced low -- that is, they're within a point or two as far as attributes go. Voor de rest van het interview kan je op de link klikken.