Gamespot had een interview met Gonzalo Suárez de bedenker van commandos op een Eidos persconferentie. En stelden daar de laaste vragen over Commandos 2.

GameSpot UK:

What do you think is the most radical development in Commandos 2?

Gonzalo Suárez:

We have given the player the chance to see

the game from four points of view. The action

naturally takes place in a 3D environment, but now you'll be able to see it from many other

different points of view. We have taken the action to very varied environments. For example, the mission I'm

about to show you is set on an island in the middle of the Pacific and I'm fighting against

the Japanese enemy soldiers instead of the Germans. I can zoom out to an overview of the whole map and I can use this to prepare how I am going to approach the whole

mission. I can also zoom in to see any action I

may be interested in. We also have a series of

viewing windows so we can see what is

happening in key areas of the game. You can

see that by using the different cameras I can

access all the various areas of the game.

GameSpot UK:

And you'll be able to go inside buildings as well?

Gonzalo Suárez:

Another feature we have included is the fact that the player can get in any structure that they see in the outdoors. Before I go into any buildings I probably want to see what's inside. From outside I can look through the window to see the inside environment of the house and any enemy soldiers that are inside. Once I

think it is safe I can just go in. The indoor scenes are rendered with a different engine,which lets the player see the inside from an angle - it loses some graphical quality but helps the player move around in a combat

environment. I can enter any building or structure you see on the map. I can also get inside bigger vehicles like the hydro-plane or even a Japanese aircraft carrier as well.

GameSpot UK:

Can you tell us something about the new thief character?

Gonzalo Suárez:

This is a new character and he is very good at hiding, he can even steal things from the Germans. He is not very good at killing so you will use this character for opening up spaces for other characters. We have also tried to make available all the elements there are in the scenery. For example, he can jump over fences, climb poles and hang from wires during the mission and

use them to access other areas. He can get in through a window, he can pass over the heads of some enemies who will not see him. He can also dive and there is a section in the river. He can only dive for so long but it is useful for accessing other areas. I can use

different ways of swimming: I can swim slowly which doesn't make any noise or I can swim fast which moves me faster but makes noise..De rest van het interview is hier te lezen.

Naar mijn mening gaat deze titel een waardige opvolger worden ik had al wat filmpjes gezien en gaat volgens mij nog lekkerder spelen en moeilijker. Want ik weet dat veel mensen de voorganger al erg moeilijk vonden.