GarageGames, een tak van Dynamix die gericht is op de development van de Tribes2-engine maakte een aantal maanden geleden bekend dat de engine van deze online game voor een magere $100,- te gebruiken is voor eigen development.

InsideMacGames sprak met Tim Gift van GarageGames over de engine en de verdere plannen die er momenteel zijn met de licensering aan MODmakers.IMG: V12 just hit beta2, do you see this as a major milestone? Do you think this is going to be pretty close to your initial release?

Tim Gift: Yeah it's pretty close. We got a list back from Sierra on the beta1 we gave them, and we ended up pulling out a lot more stuff. A lot of it is stuff that we kind of wanted to pull out anyway. One of the things was the targeting manager, which was just spread throughout the code. All of the objects access the targeting manager, so it's one of those things where we don't really need it, but it's going to take us forever to rip it out. So we got a lot of that stuff we initially hesitated on, and now that bulk of that is pretty much all gone.

This release has the networking code going, which originally we weren't going to have running, because I had to pull out all of the authentication code. It was all embedded as part of the client-server connection. I had to rip all of that out and didn't know if I was going to be able to get it working again. But now that's done and the network stuff is very cool. Het volledige interview is op InsideMacGames te lezen.