Na flink wat screenshots en de trailer te hebben gezien was het wat meer tijd voor de feitelijke info. Dat zal Gamersdepot ook hebben gedacht en daarom hadden ze een interview met Chris Longpre, producer van Dune Emperor.

Helaas komt uit dit interview het verschil tussen de oude DuneII en Dune Emperor niet echt goed naar voren.GD: What kind of steps are you taking to insure good latency for players using modems?

Chris: We have developed some new techniques for controlling the amount of game data being sent to each player, which reduces the effects of latency. Additionally, we have a small amount of packet buffering which smooths out spurious spikes in latency & packet loss.

GD: How many units does each side have?

Chris: Emperor has focused tightly on creating a small number of unique & diverse units, which require fun & different strategies to use. This makes the number of meaningfull combinations very high, and we expect players to be arguing over favorite combinations for quite a long time! There are 3 side (Atreides, Harkonnen & Ordos). Each of these major Houses has 12 buildings, and 5-7 infantry and 5-7 vehicles, depending on the side chosen. Additionally, there are 5 subhouses that you can ally with (upto 2 allies per campaign or skirmish). When allied, you can build a new building which generates 2 new units unique to that subhouse.Klinkt dus allemaal een beetje als het beproefde concept. Nu hoop ik dat ze er ook echt wat aan toe hebben gevoegd.