GameSpy had een interessant interview met Dr. Grey Zeschuk, een van de mensen achter Bioware (en dus met name Baldurs Gate 2 en NeverWinter Nights). Nu vraag je je misschien af waar dat 'Dr' voor staat, maar het feit is dat Greg Zeschuk een medische achtergrond heeft en dus ook echt doctor is.

GameSpy vraagt het wie en waarom.GameSpy: You don't often see a medical doctor in game development, let alone two. So tell me, Dr. Zeschuk, what's the story? How did it all begin for you and Dr. Ray?

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: We got our start developing medical education software while in Family Medicine residency. The medical education programs we were using were fairly poor, and we figured we could do a better job. We created a couple software packages that are still in use (the last I heard), but things weren't going quite as well as we hoped. Eventually we discovered there wasn't really much of a market for medical education software, and coincidentally we were faced with an opportunity to try our hand at videogames, our true love. So we took the chance and the rest is history.

GameSpy: Do you still practice medicine, or is that reserved for CPR on the team during Crunch Mode?

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: I haven't worked in medicine since March 2000 - there's a chance I might not be going back to it, I haven't really decided formally yet. The only crunching I've been involved with lately was on BG2.

GameSpy: How did you guys decide on BioWare? Is it a cross between Biology and Software, a tribute to your medical backgrounds?

Dr. Greg Zeschuk: Do you mean the name? If so, it was to represent the human/machine interface. BioWare is the link between the person and the machine!

Een leuk algemeen interview over Bioware dat zeker de moeite waard is van het lezen.