We hebben hem zelf ook gereviewd maar deze is gedaan door The Adrenaline Vault... What a great trip Interstate 76 was. Based on a warped 1970s universe, the original was all about lead-filled car battles, fuel-injected graphics and hip vigilantes out for requital. From the atmospheric radio broadcast installation to the cop show atmosphere throughout the cutscenes, the game was a homage to pervasive theme. Its action and simulation elements grabbed each other better than rubber to the road, and the first class plot and strong characters were a tribute to the art form of interactive entertainment. It was a strong performer, and the smell of burning oil and scorched tires indicates the much-anticipated sequel has arrived. The questions facing this new showroom model are twofold: Can Activision continue to push the borders of car combat realism, and do it with the nostalgia and humor of the original?