De jongens van Ga-source hebben niet stilgezeten, en een review gemaakt van Interstate 82, de opvolger van Interstate 76.

Hun mening:Interstate 82 is fun to play. It has a lot of features, cars, a unique story to be told, and some great action to be had. Keeping this in mind, it is going to appeal to a new group of players and might chase away some I76 enthusiasts. If you are looking for an arcade car combat experience, with some simulation elements, you have found it here. If you are looking for a true sequel to what you experienced in I76, only the story and some of the combat might be appealing, as the simplified interface and combat elements really bring the player out of the computer chair and into the arcade. After a bit of patience with Interstate 82, this writer will be going back to play it after this review, which does say something. In terms of the long-term playability of the game, well that is still a mystery, it very well might grow on people the more time they put into it.