Zo Interplay heeft ook weer eens hun titels voor het komende jaar bekend gemaakt:Interplay announced its titles for the fiscal year 2000 with a lineup loaded with branded products and sequels, and a significant increase in the number of titles for console platforms. Interplay announced its plans to have PlayStation 2 titles at or near launch. For the first half of 2000, Interplay anticipates the release of Messiah, MDK 2, Star Trek: Klingon Academy, Icewind Dale Caesar's Palace 2000 and Evolva for the PC, Caesar's Palace 2000 and MDK 2 for the SEGA Dreamcast along with Caesar's Palace 2000 II and Gekido for the Sony PlayStation. In the second half of 2000, Interplay anticipates the release of Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn, the sequel to Baldur's Gate, Star Trek: New Worlds, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and several titles for the new Sony PlayStation 2 platform. Zo meest verwachte titels zijn geloof ik Messiah (nog steeds?), Icewind Dale (gimme ) en Baldur's Gate II.