Van de Cartoon Netwerk serie Wacky Races word een game gemaakt. Infogrames gaat de game maken. Hij komt op bijna alle consoles uit; pc, psx, gameboy (color) etc.Players are thrown into the driver's seat of several different vehicles, such as the Slag Brothers' Boulder-Mobile, capable of going off-road and crashing into small obstacles without slowing down. As in the cartoon, characters are encouraged to win the race through any means necessary. Various rugged courses will be filled with challenging jumps, bonuses and traps. Game modes include arcade, championship, time trial, endurance, and versus. In each race, gamers will try to trip each other up with a variety of gadgets and weapons grabbed along the way. Arcade mode requires a top three finish to move on to the next race. Championship mode counts the points earned from all nine courses. Time trial is a race to the finish line in the fastest time possible. The vehicle in last place at the end of each lap is eliminated from the race in endurance mode. In versus mode on Dreamcast, up to four people battle each other to be the last one standing.