Epic heeft wat info over de aankomende expansie set voor UT losgelaten, er zitten nieuwe models en maps in (duh), een een aantal Relics, dit zijn pikups die een bepaald effect hebben (duh again ), zoals dubbele schde, halve healt, een een ort auto-destruct redeemer boven je hoofd (au) Epic has released new details about the soon to be released expansion pack (free) for Unreal Tournament. The expansion pack is not a patch and it's not a required download, but will have some new features - new models, new maps, and new runes system. Here is a list of the Relics (runes) and their functions: Relic of Strength: Doubles your damage. Relic of Defense: Halfs damage taken. Relic of Regeneration: Regain 10 health every 2 seconds. Relic of Speed: Increased movement rate by 30%, also improves air control. Relic of Redemption: If you die while holding this relic, you are teleported away from battle with your weapons intact and health restored. (Instead of dying) Relic of Vengeance: If you die while holding this relic, a skull floats above your body for a brief period of time. About 1.5 seconds later, the skull explodes killing with the force of a Redeemer blast. Note: Epic is still playtesting the Relics - so their rules might change over the next few days. Sorry nog geen release date..