Raph Koster van Verant heeft op de zeer uitgebreid verhaal neergeplant over het combatsysteem wat zal worden gebruikt in Star Wars Online: Galaxy.

Het is een lang verhaal, maar voor de fans die wat meer willen weten over hoe je in de toekomst kan gaan vechten in Star Wars Online: Galaxy zeker de moeite waard om te lezen.Remember that mission statement I cited at the beginning of this post? One of our goals is to appeal to the very broad and diverse audience that Star Wars brings to a game. We can't do that if the game requires you to have the l33t 5killz of the action gamer. SWG can't be only for the Michael Jordans of the world, and guys like me, who can't cut it on the action game servers of the Internet, need to be able to engage in combat and have fun, and be competitive.

At this point, I imagine the player skill aficionados feel their hearts sinking, their worst fears realized. “Awww, player skill won't matter. It'll all be auto-attack and roll the dice and BORING.”

We have to live up to combat in Star Wars. That's a tall order. It has to be dynamic and furious and spectacular. That's the bar we set for ourselves. We intend to hit it as best we can. We have also stated that we will have PvP—and nothing renders player vs. player combat less fun than to remove the player skill from it. We believe that the combat system we are designing rewards player skill, and is neither boring nor predictable. No, it's not an action game. But it's strategically pretty deep, and we expect that copious amounts of player skill will be required to reach the peaks of PvP ability.

“Ah, but does it have auto-attack?” Well, yes. But that's because not having auto-attack is a good way to make combat latency-sensitive. Auto-attack is the DEFAULT attack that goes off if the server doesn't see you do anything else. It's your buffer against 2-second lag times when some router in New Jersey decides to reroute email to Bangladesh. It's what makes it possible for a modem user to stand toe to toe with someone on the company's T1 line. And if you're advanced at combat, well, you may never see your character use the standard auto-attack at all. Unless you choose to by failing to do something else. Many have worried that combat would be a matter of clicking “go” and sitting back and watching. Sure, you could do that. Be a good way to die in PvP, that's for sure. You've seen me refer to our skill system as being like a deck of Magic: The Gathering cards. Nowhere is that more evident than in the combat system. And yes, it handles blasters, lightsabers, Force jumps, aimed shots, incapacitation, and yeah, even those head shots I got good at after much practice.

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