Orbital Frog Productions heeft Infiltrator: Shadow Wars aangekondigd. Het wordt een action-RPG. Het moet een mix worden van James Bond, Mission Impossible en The Avengers.Los Angeles-based Orbital Frog Productions, a new PC game development company, has announced Infiltrator: Shadow Wars, a game of espionage, intelligence gathering, combat and surreptitious tactics set in an online universe. An action-RPG, Infiltrator features a combat system Orbital Frog claims is easy to use and features tremendous depth and possibilities. With more than 150 unique abilities and weapons, gamers must solve complex problems and use cunning tactics to complete their missions. In Infiltrator, people will have to react fast to an ever-changing environment that contains both human as well as AI opponents. Tom Maugh, CEO of Orbital Frog, said, "We are creating an environment reminiscent of the James Bond movies. All of us at Orbital Frog grew up watching Bond, Mission Impossible and The Avengers. We wanted a game that captured the best of these worlds." The campaigns will therefore be set in an online realmfilled with intricate details. An isometric perspective will give people an expansive view of the world and their surroundings, though Orbital Frog is adding a few twists. Incorporating true line of sight means not seeing what is around the next corner, for instance.Op de E3 zal er meer bekend worden gemaakt over deze game.