Precies 11 dagen na de langverwachte release van versie 2.85, die eindelijk de oh zo gewilde online multiplayer-optie had, heeft het Infiltration team alweer een nieuwe versie uitgebracht voor de mod. De patch fixt allerlei online gerelateerde bugs.

De details:

Server Browser fixed to display Inf servers quicker, as well as easily accessible in the menus.

Leaning disabled online until a better fix can be found.

Spectators cannot use the Grab key.

All game modes working on and offline except for Assault and Domination on a dedicated server.

Voting options work offline. Online all work except the option to kick a player.

Joining mid-round is not allowed once the first enemy player has been killed.

Old player model showing up online in some matches fixed.

Carcasses now disappear after a round is over.

Friendly Fire slide bar added to the Game menu to allow you to set a % of damage inflicted on your team mates from 0% to 100%.

Last Player Timer can now be changed within the Game menu.

40mm grenades now disappear after they detonate online.

Option to switch teams while in game added to the Quick Action menu. However, the player doesn't switch teams until the next round. This can be done quickly by players choosing to switch teams if they wish, then voting to reset the round.

De patch weegt 5,4mb en is te downloaden op FilePlanet. Wat is Infiltration? Het was de eerste Counter-Terrorist mod ooit, en was er al in de Unreal(1) tijd, voor verdere informatie klik op de link.