Na de 2.80 release van vorige week is het redelijk stil geweest, op deze update na:Now that the masses have a glimpse of what we will offer with Infiltration, it's time for us to build up from here. In less than a week, Update #1 will be released, which will simply take care of a lot of the problems players have found. This set of code fixes will be a small download to simply supplement the current version 2.80 and make offline play much more solid. Once this patch has been released, we will concentrate all our efforts in finishing the online code and getting it ready to go in Update #2. I'm giving us a couple weeks or more to get that working properly, because we plan on testing it thoroughly before handing it over to you guys. During that time, we're working on another weapon to include, at least one more character model, and some new menus which will be much more user friendly. If these additions coincide with the online release, the package will be a full download. Binnenkort dus een update, gelukkig klein voor alle Casema gebruikertjes, en vrij snel daarna al een final.