heeft John Gildred geïnterviewd over de L600 Entertainment System, de op Linux gebaseerde console die in 2001 de concurrentie aan moet gaan met de X-Box, PS2, Gamecube en Dreamcast. Om de machine succesvol te maken moeten er natuurlijk genoeg goede spellen beschikbaar zijn en moet de prijs redelijk zijn. Dat laatste is zeker het geval, want de prijs staat op dit moment op $299.The launch price has been quoted as being $299 (8GB HD?) and that the L600 would include Quake 3 Arena/Unreal Tournament. Has the price and bundle been set in stone? Why is Indrema specifically bundling games as a part of the package?

JG: Actually Quake and Unreal are not announced bundles, they are target titles for launch. We expect those games to most likely receive certification in time for launch. The L600 price is set at $299. We expect to hit that price point at launch. There is quite a bit under the hood, so $299 is a very very aggressive.

Can you give us your thoughts on your competitors (XBox, Playstation 2, Dolphin, and Dreamcast) and explain why the L600 will be able to top them all?

JG: I love a challenge. The IES platform is about changing the rules to enable growth, growth which was not possible in a closed architecture.

Indrema has a chance to put mass market gaming within reach of every new developer. It's revolutionary. We're not taking on the console players alone; there's an army of game developers out there that Indrema is empowering with open source tools, and they are at the heart of the revolution. New game developers will release titles on IES before any other console, as we offer open source access to our operating system components and software APIs. We offer a zero cost certification program for free games to get to market sooner. We get the game developers involved in the process of evolving the game APIs and underlying system architecture, through the open source process. There has never been such an opportunity for game makers to change the face of console gaming as there now is with the IES. The end result if this is more games, better games, and more choice for the gamer, which is what it's all about.

Thanks for taking time to field some of our questions. Is there anything you'd like to add or cover that we haven't touched on? Any comments, questions, or juicy tidbits you'd like to leave us with?

JG: You're welcome. It's a pleasure. Actually, I'd like to point out that the L600 will offer several unique features, including a Personal Music Library and GPU Slide Bay technology. The Personal Music Library provides MP3 storage and cataloging capabilities as well as MP3 playback for your home entertainment system. The GPU Slide Bay allows the GPU to be upgraded, which means top-of-the-line graphics performance at all times. We like to think of it as the ultimate playing machine.

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Deze console heeft toch een hoop potentie zou je zeggen en zal zeker een stuk van de markt kunnen veroveren door de lage prijs en vele opties.