Daily radar heeft een interview met LucasArts' production manager Wayne Cline over Indiana jones :DR: Tell us about some of the new, original challenges that will gamers will be facing. WC: I think where we really shine is in the originality of our puzzles. It's not simply finding a key to open a door -- there's a lot of manipulation of the environment. For example one of the levels has an area with four doors, and you have to first raise a statue up, and on its base is a central cog, which you have to use in conjunction with various gears to open up each of the doors. It's sort of like a little puzzle piece that you have to solve to figure out the correct sequence to make the gears work. There are also characters in the game that you interact with. One of them is an old holy woman in the mountains of Kazakhstan who you have to free first of all. She then asks you to find a 'golden treasure', which turns out to be a gold flower. Once you hand it to her it blooms, and then she turns into a young woman who can open up a door for you that you couldn't open otherwise. So there's characters interaction mixed in there, as well really original puzzles. With traps, it's really about coming up with ideas for new kinds of traps! All of these games have traps of some sort in them -- everyone making a third-person game racks their brain to come up with traps. We have the collapsible floors and spiked traps and stuff, but also crushing puzzles and invisible traps. One example is where you pick up an idol and a barrel gets freed from above -- it then rolls down a ramp and will kill you if you're not quick and wise enough to avoid it. Als je interesse hebt in dit spel zou ik zeker even het interview gaan lezen, erg veel info.