Bij IGN hebben ze een preview geschreven over Independence War 2 wat zo te lezen een waardige opvolger gaat worden op zijn voorganger.We already knew that the game would feature a combination of guided and free-roaming gameplay, but we're really interested in seeing the mission objectives, which in part one strayed from the search and destroy missions of other space games and fit in as part of a storyline, return. What was really cool about part one was how the mission objectives often changed in mid mission, making for a more involving game experience. Hopefully we'll see something similar this go around. So far it looks just as promising, with 500 different kinds of cargo to transport, and a new game engine that uses DirectX to make for a smoother graphic experience for all cards. The surface effects are gorgeous with details like rust, decay and wear on the ships, and the flare and fire effects are just as stunning. With a return to the original's fantastic structure, but with a slicker interface and control scheme, we're looking forward to what might be the next big shooter. Vlieg hierheen voor de complete preview. Wil je de trailer zien, klik dan hier.